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Apartments in sevastopol, Ukraine from Sevastopolrent
Hello and welcome to Sevastopol Rent We provide English managed apartments to rent in Sevastopol (and others cities of Ukraine) from $35 a night .

Sevastopol Rent   offers completely furnished apartments for rent in a very downtown of Sevastopol (the biggest city of Crimea), and other cities in Ukraine. All of our Sevastopol apartments are secure, newly renovated air conditioned and offer all basic facilities, some have electric ovens, microwave ovens along with WI FI, TV, DVD and other amenties.

We suggest all our clients to stay in apartments rather than in a hotel room in Sevastopol. This is not widely spread in Western Europe, but it has a lot of advantages in Ukraine.

The reasons for this are the following:  

1. Daily rent fee for the apartment is almost double less than that for the hotel room.
2.Apartments offer much more privacy than any hotel room does.
3. The Russian or Ukrainian female you may invite apparently will refuse to come to the hotel room.

However if you invite her to the apartment, it is like you invite her to your own home, furthermore if you prepare a small (traditional for your country) meal (or she does it for you) that is a very crucial step for the development of successfull relationship.

So renting an apartment in Sevastopol has become a smart choice that many travelers to Crimea make. Why pay 50-70% more for staying in a small Sevastopol hotel room, when you can have your own spacious and comfortable apartment in Sevastopol downtown for a half-price?! Many of our Sevastopol apartments are minutes away from the sea-side and have great sea-views. And if you need more privacy than a regular Sevastopol hotel offers, you can get it with more comfort and for much lower price! And don't forget about a discount for a long-term stay! Please, browse our list of apartments to book an apartment meeting your requirements.
We have a large database of apartments available in Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta, Simferopol and other Ukrainian cities such as Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv

Our Services

Taxi from airport/train station to city.
Cell phone/SIM card rental. ($3-6 per day.)
Grocery delivery to your rental apartment before you arrive. (cost of the goods + $10)
Tranlators services. (from $10 per hour)
Train/bus/concert tickets reservation and delivery. (ticket's cost + $5 per ticket)

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We assure you that with any budget at hand we will provide you with a safe and comfortable place to stay in Sevastopol
and other cities of Crimea !

  Visit Sevastopol & other admirable places of Crimea and Ukraine, with SevastopolRent

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For more information contact us at info@sevastopolrent.com

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